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Green House

Research shows that in today’s competitive market, the perception that a company is socially and environmentally responsible can be a major point of differentiation for consumers.

Consumers view global warming, scarcity of water and oil-based energy sources, and toxic contamination in our environment as issues that businesses can and should address in their operations.

Becoming a green organization can enhance a company's image and create strong brand loyalty among customers and other stakeholders. But, it can also lower operation costs and produce higher revenues. More importantly, it's the right thing to do.

Eco-Empire provides sustainability consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves in improving and streamlining business operations by increasing efficiency and sustainability.

We can help your company in the following areas:

  • Sustainability Assessments

  • Sustainability Plans

  • Employee Training

  • Sustainable Report

Sustainability Assessments

Assessments provide key information in developing sustainability plans and initiatives.  In order to capitalize on accomplishments, baseline processes and metrics must be evaluated. We provide condensed sustainability assessments on company operations to highlight the key areas of focus and opportunity for companies to begin their initiatives. The assessment includes data gathering with each major area of your business.  Once an assessment is complete a full report will be provided to the company.  This report will include assessment findings and suggest areas of improvement.

For organizations that would like to conduct their own assessments, consider using eco-Empire's assessment tool for small and medium-sized organizations.

Sustainability Plans

Once an assessment is complete, eco-Empire works with organizations in developing a company-wide sustainability plan. After formulating key objectives, we develop a customized plan, complete with specific action items, timeline and measureable objectives. eco-Empire works with each organization to form an internal Green Team, the group primarily responsible for implementing initiatives and carrying them forward. We will also provide expert resources, partners, and suppliers to assist with certain areas of implementation. The following areas are addressed in each sustainability plan.

  • Energy and Water Usage

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

  • Employee Transportation Plans and Incentives

  • Electronic Records Management/Paperless Office Management

  • Purchasing and Supplier Guidelines

  • Green Communications and Reporting

  • Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs 






Employee Sustainability Training

When employees understand the importance of sustainability to their company, to their community and to their planet, they often become the best sources of innovation and efficiency.  By engaging all personnel within an organization companies can begin to embed sustainability into the culture of that organization.  All trainings will focus on essential sustainability theories and practices. Specific suggestions will be introduced along with citing specific company examples and best practices. Our interactive and customized trainings are one hour to one full day in length and cover some or all of the following topics. Learn more about details and objectives of sustainability training.

  • Building Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs

  • Minimizing Waste and Improving Recycling Programs

  • Communicating Effective Green Communications

  • Becoming Paperless-Effectively Managing Your Data Electronically

  • Conscious Consumerism-Purchasing with Sustainability in Mind

Volunteer Group



OnDemand Courses are carefully developed to offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility

ISO Certifications

These programs and resources are recommended tools to help candidates prepare for the Certification for  the various industries .

In Person Class

Helps candidates explore and practice foundational skills required to be successful in managementection.


Live, interactive, trainer-led courses that are completely user-friendly and accessible for you and your teams from your office or home PC collection.

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