See More Where It Matters Most

Get a wider view of your home with the wide-angle lens on the X1 indoor home security camera. 360° panning capability leaves no blind spots in your home and allows you to keep an eye on everything in your home, regardless of whether you’re home or not. 


  • Advanced Motion Detection feature reduces false alarms.
  • Detailed Color Night Vision allows you to see clearly, day or night. 
  • Real two-way audio allows you to hear everything and speak through the camera as though you were on the telephone.
  • Features built-in 110dB Siren to scare off intruders.  
  • Still view offers a 156° super-wide angle with 360° panning capabilities.

When what’s inside your home matters, protect it with the most advanced technology in smart home security systems. Keep an eye on the kids or pets from the other room or the office, and monitor your empty home while you’re away. Protect your home from accidents and intruders, and monitor the situation remotely. The two-way real-time audio allows you to talk to family members in your home when you aren’t there. When it comes to home security, trust the camera that’s both affordable and optimized. 


  •  1080p Video with Local Storage (micro SD)
  •  Advanced Motion Detection with PIR Sensor — up to 20ft
  •  Includes Power Adapter and Quick Start Guide

Bosma X1 Security Camera