The Most Secure Smart Deadbolt

Make your deadbolt smart without changing your lock! The Aegis Bosma Smart Door Lock turns your current deadbolt into a smart lock by simply replacing the indoor portion of your existing deadbolt. Keep your current key as a traditional backup. Get even more out of your smart deadbolt when you connect it to your Bosma Sentry system that allows you to unlock the door with a fingerprint and offers motion detection and facial recognition. 


  • Door ajar alert and break-in detection notification to your mobile device. 
  • Global remote access and app-less guest entry. 
  • Auto-lock and unlock features. 
  • Compatible with the Bosma Sentry Doorbell, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Keep Your Home Secure

Stop fumbling for your keys and ensure your door locks securely behind you with the smartest deadbolt in the world. Keyless entry and global remote access allows you to know who and when enters your home and grants remote access in your absence. Working in conjunction with the Bosma Smart Doorbell, the enhanced features completely optimize home entry safety. When what’s inside matters, invest in the most secure deadbolt.

Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock